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Monday, September 14, 2009

Want your child to read?  Want your child to read well?


This program, although quite successful in teaching children to read, is currently out of print.

Please use the Contact form for questions about the program.

July 2014

Do as thousands of other parents have done and use reading software developed over two decades.  The Literacy Connection was designed by a

Nationally Certified Reading Specialist!

This software has enabled thousands of parents to bring their child up to grade level and beyond.   The Program is based upon the one-thousand most commonly used words in literature.  This offers a systematic approach that has taught thousands of students to read independently.

Many parents have written to me describing their particular problems and asking for help. I often reply by sending a very quick dyslexia test. When their student passes that test with flying colors we know there is a very high probability of success with TLC. No guarantees, but the field testing was very impressive. 

Using our copyrighted technique for learning blending and then checking for comprehension your student can work at his own pace. 


               "We really struggled with helping our son to learn to read. He started out behind the other kids in first grade. He liked the TLC program. We got about 3/4 of the way through and he then began reading independently for pleasure. Now he is a voracious reader. Recently, he has gotten through the first 5 volumes of the Chronicles of Narnia. TLC definitely helped him. Your program is terrific!" - S. Belknap, Parent

"My own daughter can now read everything on my desk!" - Doug Beason

"My son was in danger of being retained in Kindergarten. After using TLC over the Summer he became the reading tutor for the whole First Grade!" - D. Wilson


?? Have only one PC for your whole classroom of twenty to thirty?

Ten Learning English students + one PC + TLC = seven months (least) to almost four years (best) improvement in two months.

"Students grew 2 to 5 grade levels in just five months!" - L. Andersen, Principal, Pinecrest Schools

"Our inner city students made outstanding improvement in reading with TLC!" J. Lau, Ass't Principal, LAUSD

"The kids loved the game at the end of each lesson!" - J. Estrada

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SEND EMAIL TO: rjp@readingtlc.com

or FAX 818 762-2873 or write to:

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